History of Motorsport, 1894 to WW I

Attached is perhaps the best single record of race statistics detailing the drivers and cars of events held throughout Europe and America from 1894 and into the World War I era. This is a wonderful reference to get the answers to questions about auto races, both landmark and esoteric. The table of contents is 29 pages long, and I mention that only to make the point that this is a comprehensive record. This is not narrative, so sitting down with it with intention of reading it like a novel - or even conventional racing history - is not putting it to its best use. I do recommend a hard look at the contents and then skim through the results and stopping wherever you like for to satisfy a particular interest. 
Bottom line, this is an amazingly wonderful contribution to the body of knowledge about our favorite sport during its nascent age. The author is Darren Galpin, and I am honored that he graciously granted First Super Speedway the opportunity to publish it here. This is a good one to come back to regularly as you build your expertise on this subject.

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