1910 Buick Bug


I came across another terrific set of photos from conceptcarz.com. These images are of the Buick "Bug" racer - allegedly the one "Wild" Bob Burman drove several victories in 1910. The sister car was driven by Louis Chevrolet who also enjoyed tremendous success. This is the same car captured in a YouTube video I shared earlier this year in a blog post.
A peculiar part of the paint scheme was the head of a goat on the nose of the machine. My understanding is that someone on the team had a pet goat and it became a mascot. The image below was lifted from the June 30, 1910 Indianapolis News which reported on a spectacular accident Chevrolet had coming out of the northwest turn at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The team was preparing for the July 4 race meet at the track.
Chevrolet Buick Bug