1941 Indy 500 - in Color!


If you have about a half hour, kick back and watch this film of highlights from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway back in 1941. It is an interesting mix of practice highlights, some footage of the victory dinner - with drivers receiving checks and the Borg-Warner Trophy in the background - and race day coverage. There is footage from the race day morning garage area fire that I have never seen before. Track manager T.E. "Pop" Meyers is alive again and quite active in the pit area. Rex Mays, Wilbur Shaw, Mauri Rose and Floyd Davis are among the drivers you will see close-up.


It was particularly interesting to see Mauri Rose in his Elgin Piston Pin Special (red, #3) stop in the pits and exit the race. Rose, of course, came back to replace Davis in his car and go on to win the race. See the cars of Joel Thorne and Emil Andres come back on the hook after wrecking together early in the race. Also interesting is to see how much of the track is paved with asphalt, with original bricks only on the stretches. Ralph Hepburn in the white #54 Bowes Seal Fast car is pictured taking a relief driver on a pit stop.


The big accident which temporarily paralyzed Wilbur Shaw is covered as well. You also get to see the rear-engine Miller cars in action. Finally, there is the uneasy victory lane celebration with Rose and the reluctant Floyd Davis. Despite being credited with a share of winning the 1941 Indianapolis 500, Davis never led a lap during his entire career at the Speedway.