Baron de Crawhez Remembered


Belgian motor sports historian and event production manager Ivo Braeken contacted me earlier this week to share plans for his team's upcoming rally for pre-1930s automobiles, motor cycles and steam vehicles. The event is staged in the mountainous  Ardennes region of Belgium, an area with tons of motor racing history. Beginning in 1903 the great Ardennes road races were among the first to use "closed circuit" course designs instead of the classic city-to-city races such as Paris-to-Bordeaux.
Braeken's event is a remembrance for the legendary Belgian pioneer of motor racing, Baron de Crawhez, one of the driving forces of early European road racing. The rally is scheduled for June 10, 2010 and from the pictures on his Web site (I hope you can read Flemish) looks to be a wonderful experience. With so many of you traveling to Europe, this looks like a truly interesting diversion.