Ernie Moross - Sprint Car Hall of Fame


Ernest "Ernie" Moross was inducted into the Sprint Car Hall of Fame on June 1, 2013. It is great to see one of the most fascinating characters of auto racing's early days remembered more than 100 years after he established his career as the premier promoter of this age. I wrote the Wikipedia entry on Ernie and the Sprint Car Hall of Fame, after searching for a photo of Ernie, called on First Super Speedway to use the image I rescued from microfilm a few years ago. The image was used in the program the HOF published for their event. If you are curious about Ernie, click through the links you see here. There is no greater collection of concentrated information on this amazing personality in the world. I have also attached a PDF of the HOF story.

Moross-Ernie-bio.pdf1.07 MB