Happy Birthday, First Super Speedway!


First Super Speedway is now one year old - and thank you for your interest in auto racing and your support of the world's largest on-line archive of primary research on pre-1920 auto racing history!
In the last year we have steadily expanded the volume of content on the site with such outstanding collections as complete coverage of the first Indianapolis 500 as well as the major events at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway such as the 1909 motorcycle races, the first automobile races, the December 1909 time trials and the Speedway's events of 1910: May, July and September. More Speedway lore is captured in the world's largest on-line archive of primary research about the June 1910 aviation meet and the balloon races of 1909 and 1910. First Super Speedway has also provided a great showcase for the work of Mark Dill.
First Super Speedway wants to thank some of the contributors to our site, including, by alphabetical order by last name:

  • Gilbert Art (official artist associated with the upcoming movie, "500")
  • Jerry Fisher (author, "Pacesetter, the Life and Times of Carl Graham Fisher")
  • Richard Lews (automotive artist)
  • Dr. Elsa Nystrom (Professor of History, Kennesaw State Univeristy)
  • Wayne Caroll Petersen (memoabilia collector and great-nephew of Barney Oldfield's wife, Bess)

Also, here's a shout-out to my wife, Esther, and our daughter, Tamara, for their assistance in preparing digital content for upload to the site.
Again, thank you for all the comments, e-mails and mail we have received from nearly 60 nations across the world!