History of Motor Racing - 1930's


The History of Motor Racing documentary broken into 16 segments on YouTube is an excellent film that I believe was created in the 1950's. I have referenced this before in previous blog posts. Although the one that appears below is a little outside the lines for First Super Speedway (pre-1920), I want to call it to your attention because it is excellent. The scenes are from Great Depression Era Europe and the build-up to World War II as the Fascist movement attempted to demonstrate its superiority over the ideologies of other nations by defeating their teams on the race track. The video touches on the heavy hand of Italian Prime Minister Benito Mussolini in supporting the Alfa team and its cars driven by Tazio Nuvolari, Achille Varzi and Giuseppe Campari.


With all the maddness of economic calamity and encroaching World War this video depicts interesting people trying to practice their craft as the world unravels around them.