Jay Leno's Duesenbergs


I came across another interesting video from Jay Leno's collection of cars. He claims to have the largest collection of these magnificent machines in the world. The Duesenberg Company was the brain child of two brothers, Fred and August Duesenberg, born in Germany during the 1870's, they immigrated to Iowa in 1900. They were funded by Edward Mason who later found much greater funding from Frederick Louis Maytag (yes, of washing machine fame). The Duesenbergs were engineers for that operation, designing cars for the company.


In 1913, the brothers formed their own company under their name and later moved it to Indianapolis. They were a formidable force in auto racing during the 1920's, winning the Indianapolis 500 in 1922, 1924 and 1925 as well as the 1921 French Grand Prix. The machines won numerous other auto races on board and dirt tracks.