Joe Dill's Memoir, 1928 - 1946


This 12-page memoir was written by my father at some early point in my childhood back in the 1960s. His ambition was to write a book, but life with an engineering career and two boys to raise with my mother took priority. While this is a personal interest of mine, I wanted to include it at First Super Speedway because this is a recount of a boy growing up in Indianapolis during the 1930s and 1940s and therefore relevent to the historical context of life decades ago in the home of the capital of auto racing.
The description of incidents during the Great Depression are particularly heart wrenching. There was the counterfeit quarter rejected at the grocer when the family needed bread. My grandmother broke down and cried. In another difficult moment Dad noticed a teenage girl walking down his neighborhood street crying. He later found out that her father, who felt like a failure because he could not find a job committed suicide.
My brother had this paper and called it to my attention just a week ago.

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