Making History - Lola IndyCar


Lola is the latest competition car design firm to submit a proposal to become the sole chassis supplier to the Indy Racing League. The car looks fine, but I think the current car looks fine as well. I think one of the unreasonable expectations that people harbor is that somehow the next generation car is going to look so cool that fans pack the grandstands to get a glimpse. This hardly seems plausible if you spend more than a nanosecond considering the likelihood of such an outcome. With a single source supplier you have the banality of eating the same flavor ice cream, be it vanilla or rocky road, every freaking day.
The one theme I see present through all four of the proposals (Lola, Swift, Dallara and Delta Wing) is cost control. Cost control is a primary consideration because, aside from obvious reasons, the growth of the sport is stunted. With greater income the consternation over penny pinching would be relieved. It is even possible that growth would be accelerated in an environment of higher costs, such as one that encourages numerous chassis suppliers and provides another dimension to competition.
As far as Lola is concerned, the big "buzz" is that the design can be used for both IndyCar and Indy Lights series races. Again, while this may be of interest to the owners, what about that excites the fans? I don't know, you tell me. What I will say is that nobody is answering the question: "What's in it for the fans?" What should the fans get excited about over any of these proposals?
Lola IndyCar