Making History - Open Source Design


The Delta Wing IndyCar concept has generated a lot of conversation, and not surprisingly as it easily is the greatest departure from convention. Marshall Pruett of Speed TV wrote an informative editorial on the subject which dives deeper than a lot of the superficial assessments we have seen thus far. The natural reaction was to react to the images - which I have already discussed was a huge communications mistake by the Delta Wingers - and most of that has been negative because average people don't embrace change and revel in expressing vehement, negative opinions. The result is noise. It is noise marketing people in the Indy Racing League have to listen to because they can't ignore the voice of the customer.
Unfortunately Pruett's article, which is presented over three Web pages is both too long and takes too long to get to the point. The first page even reads like a finished piece and if you don't notice the "next page" link at the bottom, you'd think it was just another of those superficial assessments I mentioned. Have patience, read through it, there are several golden nuggets. I like the the commentary on the purpose and relevance of wings as well as the emerging direction of engine technology. Also, it provides abundant evidence that the owners are behind Delta Wing. Most importantly, it touches on the open source computer code Linux analogy and how this new approach attacks the cost of auto racing. This article is well worth your time if you are interested in how IndyCar racing history is being made today.