Motor Cowboys Scale Large "Plank Mountains"


The hazard course created by Ernie Moross, director of contests at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, for the track's May 27, 28 and 30, 1910 race meet is one of the more obscure yet interesting events that occurred in the Brickyard's earliest days. Below, I lifted some colorful copy from the Indianapolis Star describing events leading up to the race meet. Neat stuff.
"Large 'plank mountains,' which are to be features in the hazard race at the Speedway this week were completed yesterday and two Overland test cars were urged over their summits. The testers, called motor cowboys (also "Rough Riders") had little difficulty in driving their machines up over the steep inclines and then down with a sudden drop to Earth, except that the fly wheels on the cars struck the top. The carpenters are now busy repairing the structures with the aim of raising the top-most parts in order to give the cars a little more clearance." - Indianapolis Star, May 25, 1910.