Parties Celebrate First Indy 500


I talked about "slice of life" articles in yesterday's blog post, and I have another great example today. I uploaded an article today that talks about the celebrations the night of the first Indianapolis 500. I love the delightful detail that brings the setting to life, such as the cheers Ray Harroun received when he entered the lobby of the Claypool Hotel, where he was hosted by the Dorian Rim Company and its executives.
I also want to flag a mention of George W. Wishart, father of Spencer Wishart, who finished fourth in his privately owned Mercedes. I have been searching for Spencer's father's name for some time and then found it in this article. I find Spencer Wishart an interesting figure in racing. Very young, very fast, but never a big winner. He undoubtedly would have become one if he could have lived longer, but he lost his life in the 1914 Elgin road race. Spencer finished second in the 1913 Indianapolis 500. Father George, from what I can gather, was a millionaire Wall Street investor - allowing Spencer to purchase his racy Mercedes and pursue his passion in a very dangerous sport.