Speed Kings Movie (1913)


Brian Pratt of the Yahoo Auto Racing History Group flagged this great find of a 1913 movie featuring early auto racing greats Teddy Tetzlaff and Earl Cooper. It's a farce and even showcases the early film comedian Fatty Arbuckle who plays a race official who ends up literally getting his butt kicked.


Here's the details:


Papa is taking his daughter Mabel (Normand) to an automobile race. Mabel is in love with Teddy Tetzlaff, but Papa prefers Earl Cooper, and he schemes to try to prevent Tetzlaff from winning the race. As the race begins, Papa and Mabel are watching it together with conflicting loyalties and strong emotions. Fatty Arbuckle appears as a race track official.

Director: Wilfred Lucas
Producer: Keystone Film Company
Production Company: Keystone Film Company


Speed Kings Movie Clip