World's Largest Archive of 1910 Speed Records


I have developed a synopsis for each article in my nice collection of content about or relevant to Barney Oldfield's world land speed records at Daytona Beach in March 1910. This collection includes a number of informative images and descriptions of different aspects of Oldfield's milestone accomplishment. You'll find articles about the congratulatory cablegram Oldfield received from Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany, as well as information about the German car he drove, the Blitzen Benz. Other articles describe the national tour Oldfield made that year to reap the dividends of his enhanced reputation as the "Speed King of the World." Also enjoyable are articles written by Oldfield that provide his perspective on the daring drive.
Bottom line, this is the largest on-line collection of free primary research about Oldfield's world land speed records of March 1910.