1909 Moto Endurance Ride - First-Aid Car

This image artifact was derived from a photo that originally appeared in the August 12, 1909, Indianapolis News. It was part of the coverage of the two-day Cleveland-to-Indianapolis endurance ride that was almost certainly the most successful aspect of the weeklong Federation of American Motorcyclists (FAM) gathering in the Hoosier capital city that culminated with the August 14 first motorcycle race meet at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.
While the image is grainy, be patient and spend time with it. it provides useful information and helps your mind visualize what took place. The car, probably an Overland, was commissioned by the G&J Tire Company as a "first-aid" car. Tire failure was the most common malady of the era. 
Yes, the image is but an artifact of a 100+-year-old photo lifted from microfilm of newsprint, but it is useful. The endurance riders had checkpoints along the way, stopping in towns for meals and ending the first day in Columbus. Judging from the background, the car is seen stopping at some population center.  Our guess is that this image was captured in Columbus or at the point of departure in Cleveland.
Again, immerse yourself in the wonder of this historic image. See the pennants near the lanterns on either side of the car, just between the engine and steering wheel? Look hard and I believe you can make out the word, "tires," on the triangle. I also see the letter, "G." Also, note that someone in the backseat (tonneau was the term in the day) has an umbrella fully opened. Studying even these poor quality images can reveal good information to promote understanding.
The original newspaper layout had this photo coupled with another view, both under a heading, "Scenes Along Route of Endurance Run." The caption reads, "Trailing car - First Aid to the Injured. " Note, too, the photo credit goes to C.F. Bretzman. We know from other sources that his is Charles F. Bretzman, generally agreed to be the first official photographer of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Make no mistake, the Cleveland-to-Indianapolis endurance ride was a major test of man and machine.

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