1934 Indy "500" Winner

This is David Story's rendering of 1934 Indianapolis 500 winner "Wild" Bill Cummings. His victory over second-place Mauri Rose was the closest winning margin for the iconic race up to that time.
This is the text of David's margin notes for his art:
"All the efforts to make the 1934 race safer weren't totally successful.  Veteran driver Peter Kreis, during a practice run, tried to avoid a car that spun out in front of him. Kries spun his car and it sailed over the outside retaining wall and tumbled end-over-end before colliding with a tree. The car literally broke in half. Both Kreis and mechanic Bob Hahn were dead by the time the ambulance arrived on the scene.
Five men were killed at the track in 1933. Safety and fuel economy were big concerns in the 1934 race. In an effort to slow the cars and make the race safer, the AAA Contest Board limited the race fuel to 45 gallons and the oil supply to six gallons. Qualifying for the race was also changed allowing only three gallons of fuel. The racers had to make the fuel cover the ten laps required for qualification. The AAA Contest Board's efforts were not particularly successful as race speeds continued to increase. Bill Cummings and his mechanic Earl Universaw won the race at a record speed of 104.863 MPH. The second place car of Mauri Rose and his mechanic Walt Meyers were only 27 seconds behind Cummings."

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