Barney Oldfield, Billy Arnold Chrysler Commercials

This photo is a promotional shot of Barney Oldfield (right) and 1930 Indianapolis 500 winner Billy Arnold with Fred Zeder, Chrysler's chief of engineering. Oldfield and Arnold did promotions and advertising for Chrysler. In 1934 Oldfield, Arnold and Harry Hartz appeared as "Hell Drivers" to demonstrate the safety of Chrysler cars through stunts and by rolling them over several times. Given that Oldfield was just about six feet tall, it gives you a frame of reference for the height of Zeder in the middle. Thanks to Wayne Carroll Petersen for the ID on the photo.
Note that Walter P. Chrysler hired Zeder, along with Owen Skelton and Carl Breer, after acquiring their ZSB Engineering company that they formed after leaving Studebaker, where they had built impressive credentials.

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