Aitken and Wilcox

This image was derived from a photo that was first published in the May 7, 1910 Indianapolis Star. I believe this is a cropped view to a larger image that was published in the same newspaper a week later.
The photo supported an article covering the second day of racing at the second race meet (the first was the previous November) of the still-new Georgia red clay track then known as Atlanta speedway. This image is of an Indianapolis-built National Motor Vehicle Company racer with Johnny Aitken at the wheel joined by future 1919 Indianapolis 500 winner Howdy Wilcox who served as riding mechanic.
While teammate Tom Kincaid scored one of his biggest career victories in the driving rain to capture the $10,000 Atlanta Automobile Association trophy, Aitken, one of the top drivers of the era, did little to distinguish himself at this event. He was lucky though. Aitken and Wilcox had a fortunate escape from injury when their National "40" dashed over an embankment. Neither man nor even the car received any real injury.
Note that this is one of a handful of references to Aitken as "Jack." That is a data point indicating that some may have used that as a nickname.

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