Anne Marmon Greenleaf Signs Art

Anne Marmon Greenleaf (the last living direct relative of the Marmon family that established the Marmon automobile business), signs WK Gilbert's original painting of Ray Harroun in the 1911 Indianapolis 500-winning Marmon Wasp as Gilbert and Roger Brummett, associate producer of the upcoming feature-length movie about the first Indianapolis 500,  look on. The signing took place in May 2009 at Carmel, Indiana's second annual "Artomobilia" art show. Gilbert is the official artist for the movie. Anne's grandfather Walter Marmon was president of Nordyke & Marmon and her uncle, Howard, was its chief engineer. The company was reorganized as the Marmon Motor Car Company in 1926.
For more information on Anne Greenleaf, check out part one and part two of the Culver Citizen's report on her and the Marmon family.

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