Auto Show Trophy - 1

This image of this trophy was originally published in the Sunday, March 20, 1910 Indianapolis Star. It was part of  a special supplemental section about the upcoming March 28 Indianapolis Automobile Show presented by the Indianapolis Automobile Trade Association (IATA). Key features of the event were the Floral Parade, contests at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and concluding banquet at the Denison Hotel. The trophy was one of five (or six) such cups that was presented to winners of the competitive events.
The copy associated with the pictures as they were published read as follows:
"As additional reason for entering the floral parade and contests at the Speedway during the coming Indianapolis Automobile Show the boosters have spent a considerable sum purchasing silver trophies and one large cut glass flow bowl. The cut glass prize will be given the person who has the best decorated car in the floral parade according to the decision of the judges. The other trophies will be awarded for events at the Speedway. A system of points will be used, and the driver getting the most will be given the most expensive trophy and so on down the line. A contestant must enter at least six of these events, however, to be eligible for a reward."

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