Barney Oldfield and Henry Ford

In this photo: Barney Oldfield, Henry Ford and Edsel Ford with a "Ford Special Racer,"
one of the Frontenac powered Fords which ran at Indy in 1924. These
are called Barber Warnock Fronty Fords. Barber Warnock was a Ford
dealership. The engines were developed by Louis and Arthur Chevrolet. There were
several types of Frontenac engines ranging from OHV pushrod engines to SOHC and
DOHC power. The engine blocks were Model T.

This car is the Fred Harder Barber-Warnock Fronty Ford which ran at Indy in 1924.
Barber-Warnock was a Ford dealer in Indianapolis. Three of these ran in 1924.
According to Fox, they were #26 Bill Hunt, #27 Fred Harder and #28, Alfred E. Moss,
who was Stirling Moss's (OBE) father.

One of the Barber-Warnock cars has been at the Monterey Historics several times,
often winning with Jan Vobril driving.

Griff Borgeson's "Golden Age of the American Racing Car" has more
interesting detail.

Note: Special thanks to Hugh Nutting and Michael T. Lynch for their contributions to information about this car.

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