Brooklands Opening Promotion

This promotional art for the opening of the Brooklands race course in England was published in the July 24, 1907 Indianapolis News. Know that the development of Brooklands very much irked Carl Fisher who later founded the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.
The original capton read as follows:
"Opening of the the Brooklands Motor Track - Automobile track racing such as has been introduced on the new Brooklands special cement course at Weybridge, England, is believed by many to be the advent of a new form of motorsport. Speed limit on such a course seems to be unlimited and it is likely this racing will prove a severe test for modern internal combustion engines. As a spectacle some persons enjoy it more than they do the big long-distance road races. The cars can be kept within constant view and the turns and brushes on the straightaways are most exciting. The accompanying picture shows a view of the recent race meet on the track when several valuable cups were offered and were competed fro by some of the noted automobile racing drivers of Europe."

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