Brooklands Relay Race 1912

This photo is of the early days of the Brooklands track in England founded by Sir Hugh Fortescue Locke-King, a wealthy Englishman who financed its development with his own resources. The track was built in 1906 and 1907 and racing began in 1907. The 2.75 mile, high-banked concrete track was a marvel in its day and became home to motor racing in England until World War II forced its closing in 1939. The track was used for automobile and motorcycle racing as well as early British aviation. While the track is no longer in operation, events are held there annually. The Brooklands Museum preserves this track's wonderful history. The Brooklands Society worked to preserve the remnants of the track and their site offers a stunning archive of historic photos.
The original source on this photo indicates that it is a "relay race" in 1912. If anyone has more information, please comment.

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