Buick Ad Featuring Louis Chevrolet

This is an ad ran by Buick on May 28, 1910. It promotes the marque's victories during the Indianapolis Motor Speedway May race meet. The ad features a pen & ink sketch of their star driver, Louis Chevrolet. At this point Chevrolet was just months from founding the Chevrolet Motor Company with William Durant.
What isn't mentioned in this ad is the controversy that swirled around the team at the meet as the Buick, Jackson and American teams were cited by both the AAA and Speedway officials for entering cars in stock races that did not, according to officials, meet the definition of stock cars. Buick and Jackson threatened to withdraw from the entire meet but apparently relented. The basic rule was the number of cars that had to be manufactured for sale as touring vehicles for the entry to qualify as "stock." Otherwise the cars were viewed as purpose-built for racing.
Local Buick Dealer R.H. Losey was quoted in an article published the same day with the following commentary:
"Aside from whatever effect the decision of the referee will have on us. It is obvious that Mr. Pardington (Art) took no thought of its probable effect on the Speedway races now and hereafter. Our cars were permitted to enter only two of the races. The showing they made in these proved that if they had been permitted to participate as programmed they would at the very least have added interest to the other contests."
Meanwhile Dr. Wadsworth Warrenmanager of the Buick team, said that the cars in question would continue to be manufactured as consumer product. As for the Speedway, Contest Director Ernie Moross said track managment could only abide by AAA rulings. 

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