Bumbaugh's Dirigible

This image of Captain George L. Bumbaugh's dirigible was originally published in the September 5, 1909 Indianapolis Star. Bumbaugh was preparing for an aviation show planned by the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The air show never materialized but there was an aviation meet at the Speedway in June 1910. Later that week, on September 6, Bumbaugh performed with his dirigible at the Indiana State Fair.
Note that the caption reads:
"G.L. Bumbaugh of this city will begin practices for the big aeronautical events to take place at the Speedway soon by making two flights every day during the State Fair. He will ascend in one of his big dirigible balloons."
Bumbaugh mentored Speedway President Carl Fisher in the sport and art of ballooning. Although there is no information associated with this image that verifies the dirigible was at the Speedway when the photo was taken, a later article confirms this to be true. The Indiana Aero Club had a club house at the track, Fisher was the president and other facilities had been constructed to accommodate the national championship balloon races the previous June.

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