Cars on the Circle - 1907

This amazing image was derived from a photograph originally published in the March 19, 1907 Indianapolis News. The paper was reporting on the previous day's downtown automobile parade. The event was to promote the spring buying season for consumers interested in purchasing new automobiles. Indianapolis was a hub of the American automobile industry at the time and local dealerships and garages had clustered around a few blocks including the famous Massachusetts Avenue - now a cultural area. This segment of the city became known as "automobile row."
The cars - reportedly totaling 200 in number, the largest gathering of automobiles in the Hoosier capital up to that time - are seen staged around Monument Circle to begin their circuit through the wondrous city. Please invest time with this image and examine it carefully. In the backround to the upper left you can clearly see the amazing and historic English Gothic Revival-style stucture that is the Christ Cathedral Church, the oldest structure on Monument Circle today - and when the photo was captured. Original construction began in 1857. It is the oldest church structure in Indianapolis and Marion County. My understanding is that three-time Indianapolis 500 winner Wilbur Shaw was married in this church.
 The photograph ran in support of articles reporting on the event. These articles provide wonderful information about the players of the day - be sure to click thru. 

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