Charles Stutz - IMS Sweater

This image of Charles Stutz was originally published in the July 1, 1909 Indianapolis Star. The Indianapolis Motor Speedway was still under construction at the time but track management was promoting their scheduled first automobile races scheduled for August 19 - 21. Stutz was a reasonably well known driver at the time and hometown favorite as he lived in Indianapolis. He was the cousin to Harry Stutz who was chief engineer at Marion but would soon establish the Indianapolis car manufaturer that was his namesake - Stutz. The Speedway presented drivers with a wool sweater to commemorate their participation in its opening auto races. It was also a nice device to generate newspaper coverage.
The caption that accompanied the photo read as follows:
"The first local automobile racer to wear a Motor Speedway team sweater is Charles Stutz. He left yesterday with the Marion Flyer for the East where he will take part in several race meets."
Guy Vaughn of New York was the first driver to receive the commemorative sweater when he was in town June 25.

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