Chrisite, December Time Trials 1909

This artifact image of J. Walter Christie in his front-wheel-drive Christie racer was derived from a photo first published in the December 17, 1909, Indianapolis News. The original photo supported coverage of the December 1909 time trials at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. This car is referred to in other sources as the "Christie III," the latest model Christie racer at the time. Note, too, the heading calls it a "freak" racer in reference that it was purpose-built for racing and not a stock car. This may have been the actual first car to lap the Speedway at the average speed of over 100 mph when Barney Oldfield drove it for exhibition laps in 1916.
The caption that appeared with the original photo appears below.
"Great things are expected of the freak Christie racer, now at the speedway in charge of driver Christie. The car is built after the model of a torpedo and when at full speed, belching flames and smoke, creates an impression that long lingers in the mind. The Christie car was as the speedway races last August, but the track was too rough for it to show at its best. The present brick track was apparently made for it, and autoists will not be surprised if it sets some new records."
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