Driving Stars at Uniontown

Top Photo: Uniontown Speedway Victory Sweepstakes, Saturday May 17, 1919. Tommy Milton's Duesenberg #9 to the left. Smiling Ralph Mulford second from left. The next is unknown, Augustus Stickel with cigar, Johnny Bresnahan, Frank Eastman, Fred Essig, Omar Toft, E.E. Case, Louis Chevrolet, Pete Henderson, E.V. Goodson, unknown.
(photo 2) Unknown, Joe Thomas, Denny Hickey with striped sleeves, Wilber D'Alene, William Vetere, Tommy Milton in striped shirt, Neil Whalen, starter, with checkered flag, Cliff Durant, unknown, Ernie Ansterberg, Joe Boyer, Dario Resta, Gaston and Arthur Chevrolet.

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