Endicott @ "Frigid" Time Trials!

This image of driver Bill Endicott first appeared in the December 19, 1909 Indianapolis Star as part of that day's coverage of the first time trials at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway after the 2.5 mile oval was paved with 3.2 million bricks. Endicott is at the wheel of his Cole racer. He was not a major factor in the trials.
The caption that originally ran with the photo read as follows:
"The Cole 30 that made such a consistent record at the Speedway Friday was driven by Endicott. His friends joked him, saying that he looked like a 'dark-face minstrel' with his felt face protection. Many of th brave drivers wore chamois-skin face protectors, with holes cut for the eyes and mouth, but Endicott selected felt. He said that another layer of the cloth would not have been too much to keep the cold winds and sand from hurting his face."

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