Belmont Estates Horse Track - 1912

Chuck Rudy Jr. supplied the information for this report. Sam Myers was the original photographer and the images were supplied by photographer Mikel Yeakle.
This contest occurred near the Fairmount Park area after the famous road race ended its run the previous year, 1911.
This is the start of a June 8, 1912 25-lap dirt track race featuring superstar Bob Burman who reportedly drove a car by the name, "Ohio." Burman won the race over Luis Mehghetti in a Daimler, and Joe Matson in a Benz. The track, called Belmont Estates (not to be confused with the Belmont Stakes track in New York), was a one mile horse facility built for the nation’s Centennial celebration just outside Philadelphia’s limits in Narberth, Pennsylvania. The track hosted one of America’s earliest races in 1899.
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