First Practice Lap @ IMS

This historic image was first published in the July 30, 1909 Indianapolis Star. Shown here is the great Johnny Aitken in his National Motor Vehicle Company race car on the first practice lap at speed at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Aitken was looking ahead to the first auto race meet at the new Speedway August 19. Aitken admittedly took a measured pace as there was still construction work going on at the track.
The caption that ran with the photo follows below:
"The day of terrific motor speed is dawning. John Aitken in a National racer is the first of the many hundred expected drivers to cut loose on the new five-mile motor speedway. He hit it up yesterday at the rate of a mile a minute, not doing near all his machine will admit, but being cautious of the track's surface. While the course is almost finished, a few more touches are necessary before complete sway can be given to King Speed. Motorcyclists are expected here next week to begin their practice for the national meet."

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