Floral Parade Dealer's Winner!

This image was originally published in the March 31, 1910 Indianapolis Star. The photo supported an interesting article about the floral parade that was one of the most anticipated features of the March 1910 Indianapolis Automobile Show.

Pictured here is W.A. Wildhack's Dealer's Prize winning Oldsmobile Limited. The vehicle was dressed in a solid mass of artificial yellow Chrysanthemums. His wife rode at his side along with Mrs. A.P. Fox, Miss Mary Miller Fox, Miss Edna Wildhack and Miss Dorothy McCullough - all wearing white gowns. At the front of the machine on either side of the windshield were two large cupids standing with arms extended, clutching white ribbon streamers that flowed to the back of the vehicle where they were fastened with large bows. B.P. Shirley is credited with the decorative design. Interestingly one of the judges was heard to shout, "An easy prize winner!" as the entry passed their inspection.

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