Ford Mustang at Brickyard Invitational

This is more of the series of original art created by David Story making its online premiere on First Super Speedway. This image is of a Boss 302 Ford Mustang that competed in the Sports Car Vintage Racing Association (SVRA) Brickyard Invitational race meet June 11-14, 2015 - at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. It is also part of David's Brickyard Invitational Sketchbook.
This Mustang was one of 33 American muscle cars entered in the event's feature, the "Indy Legends" Charity Pro-Am. The other 32 cars were a mix of Mustangs, Carmaros and Corvettes and a lone Ford Falcon. Two-time Indianapolis 500 starter Max Papis drove it with owner Curt Vogt in the contest. They finished on the podium (3rd) at the Brickyard Invitational after dominating much of the race only to be undone when caught out on a green flag pit stop. 
David's margin notes read as follows:
"The Boss 302 driven by Max Papis lined up on the 1st row of the Pro-Am raceAt the drop of the green flag it was off like a shot. At the end of the first lap it must have led by 10 car lengths and it grew from there. What glorious sound it made coming down the straight with the Ford V-8 wound all the way out."

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