Fred Frame - 1932

This is David Story's rendering of 1932 Indianapolis 500 winner Fred Frame.
Below are the margin notes David composed to support his art:
"The Studebaker Car Company entered five factory cars in the 1932 Indy 500. Their cars placed 3rd, 6th, 13th, 15th and 16th. It was an amazing feat considering the fact that 85% of the mechanical parts came from the Studebaker stock parts bin. the 366 cubic inch, straight 8 engines were commandeered from the Studebaker President car line. The engine was rated at 200 horsepower and could propel the race cars to speeds in excess of 140 mph. All the Studebakers completed 500 miles. This was quite an accomplishment as attrition was a huge factor in the race.
Forty cars started the contest but only 14 finished. Cars dropped out from crashes and mechanical failures, and a record eight different drivers held the lead during the race. In the beginning, Billy Arnold dominated the race and looked likely to repeat his 1930 win. By the fiftieth lap, Arnold had lapped the entire field except for the second place car. But his day ended on lap 59 with a bad crash in turn 3. Through all the mechanical failures and vehicle wreckage Fred Frame moved his way steadily to the front. Fred's break came on lap 126, after attrition claimed the three cars in front of him he moved into the lead. Frame controlled the pace for the last 58 laps of the race, beating second place Howdy Wilcox by 44 seconds. Frame started in 27th place, the farthest back of any previous winner except for Ray Harroun in 1911. Frame's win was not trouble free. He required six pit stops with an overheating engine."

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