George Souders & Duesenberg

This is David Story's rendering of 1927 Indianapolis 500 winner George Souders and his Duesenberg racer. 
This is the text of David's margin notes for his art:
"1927 was the last year of Duesenberg's appearances in the Indy 500. Duesenberg entered two cars. They were designed and built to reduce wind resistance. They lowered and offset the engines and ran the driveline beside the driver. This had the added advantage of lowering the center of gravity of the car. But, it was rookie George Souders who won the race and he reportably drove a two year old Duesenberg. Souder's qualifying speed was 115 MPH. He moved into the lead on lap 149 and stayed there for the rest of the race. Souders won the race with an impressive eight lap lead."
Here are David's notes on Leon Duray:
"Leon Duray ran his Indy car on ethanol rather than gasoline in the 1927 race. He was the only one to do so. Now all Indy cars run on the safer ethanol fuel."
Finally, David has notes on Eddie Rickenbacker:
"Eddie Rickenbacker, WWI air ace, Medal of Honor winner, and his backers purchased the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in late 1927. He operated the Speedway for nearly a decade and a half, shepherding it through the Great Depression and World War II. He sold it in 1945 to Anton Hulman, Jr."

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