Crout - Curzon Airplane @ IMS

This image first appeared in the Sunday, April 17, 1910 Indianapolis Star and supported an amazing article written by the outstanding motorsports journalist Peter Paul "P.P." Wllis who reported on the growing field of entries for the upcoming June air show at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway as well as the burgeoning interest in the Hoosier state for all things aeronautical.
Among the names mentioned in the article is Charles Crout who worked with Joseph Curzon and created a new airplane of his own design. Note that his three-wheeled machine was described as 28 feet long with wings on either side six feet long and four and one half feet wide. The hand-built engine had only 24 horsepower and the plane's total weight was but 450 pounds with a pilot on board. Apparently Crout was hired by Curzon to build the plane.
Curzon owned this plane and another he had purchased from French race driver and aeronaut Henri Farman. Curzon wrecked the Farman plane in practice at the Brickyard but it was repaired.

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