Harroun Ascot Park Pit Stop!

This image appeared in the April 17, 1910 Indianapolis Star. It depicts a pit stop by Marmon driver Ray Harroun during a race at the original Ascot Park race track near Los Angeles. Harroun took part in this event as part of a Nordyke & Marmon SoCal swing triggered by the manufacturer's entry in the first-ever board track race which was held at the high-banked Playa Del Rey speedway. Note that the last name of his riding mechanic is mentioned - (Harry) Goetz. Together they amazed railbirds and newspapermen alike by changing a wheel in just 46 seconds. I believe Harroun is the man shown bending over and replacing the wheel.
The cutline to the original picture read: "During the recent races at Ascot Park, Los Angeles, Ray Harroun and his mechanician, Goetz, in a Marmon, made a tire change in forty-six seconds."

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