Hanshue @ Playa Del Rey - 1910

This image was published in the April 1910 issue of the trade magazine, American Motorist.
The image supported an article concerning the first race meet at the first board track in the United States - Playa Del Rey. The meet was reported through other sources to have spanned April 8 through April 17. For coverage of other days of the meet check out the following links to articles on First Super Speedway:

The Apperson racer from the Kokomo, Indiana company of the same name created the big news from day three of racing - but not for the best reason. The car, driven by Harris Hanshue, endured a spectacular accident. The riding mechanic was Carey King. Both were thrown from the car which reportedly rolled over several times. Despite being unconscious when rescuers reached them they quickly came to and were deemed uninjured. Of course no one gave much thought to minor concussions in the day. The car was called an Apperson "Jack Rabbit."

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