Howard Marmon Caricature

Published in the Indianapolis Star on July 21 this editorial cartoon was actually first published in the Minneapolis Tribune. This sketch depicts Howard Marmon at the wheel of one of his cars. The impetus for the sketch was the fact that Marmon's two cars were the only ones in the 1909 Glidden Tour to utilize tops that protected the driver and passengers.
The item reports that Marmon's motivation was not driven by his desire to protect himself from the elements but to test the durability of the tops. Throughout the articles covering the event the burning, blistering effects of sun exposure was reported so Marmon should have had no qualms about wanting to protect himself and his colleagues from the deleterious impact of Old Sol's rays. Note the tiny umbrella he is clutching. That was clearly a reference to his cars' tops.
Marmon and his brother Walter were the driving force behind Marmon automobiles the car company that developed the Marmon Wasp racer that won the first Indianapolis 500.

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