IMS Pagoda - 1913

One of the most iconic symbols in all of motorsports is the Pagoda at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, the old Brickyard. It's a shame nothing was made of the 100th Anniversary of the first Pagoda during May 2013. Since 1913 there has always been a control tower structure at the Speedway, although between 1957 and 2000 the edifice had nothing to do with a pagoda design.
Nonetheless, this image is from Indianapolis 500 race morning on that glorious day, May 30, 1913. Check out First Super Speedway for more comprehensive coverage of the amazing 1913 Indianapolis 500 than you can find anywhere else in the world. Note in the foreground the two previous years' winners are on display. The #8 National is the car Joe Dawson drove to victory in 1912 and the #32 Marmon Wasp won the first Indianapolis 500 as driven by Ray Harroun.

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