Jap Clemens & National, 1906

This image was published Friday October 19, 1905 in the Indianapolis Star. This was part of the newspaper's coverage of an upcoming auto race meet at the Indiana State Fairgrounds track.
On this occasion automobiles, organized by the Indianapolis Automobile Racing Association, shared the track with horses competing in trotting events organized by the Gentlemen's Driving Club. The racing event that triggered this promotion was a community effort to raise funds to aid the surviving family of fallen Police Patrolman Charles Russell. The event was referred to as the Russell Family Benefit. Note, too, that National had a tremendous success in the previous autumn's world 24-hour record on the same track. In both cases, Jap Clemens was the driver.
You can sink your teeth deep into some delicious information about the Russell Family Benefit at the following links:

While the caption suggests this is Jap Clemens in an 60 HP National, I am not convinced the man sitting in the car is actually Clemens. I have not seen clear images of Clemens, but from what I have seen, this guy doesn't fit the bill. I feel like mistakes like this were not uncommon in newspapers of the period, so I just want to flag that for you.
This is how the original caption read:
"This machine broke the world's record for 100 miles at Indianapolis November 4, 1905. Clemens will use the car at the Fairgrounds Saturday afternoon in the races for the Russell Relief Fund."

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