Joe Jagersberger & Jack Tower

These images of Joe Jagersberger and Jack Tower were published in the May 28, 1911 Indianapolis Star as part of the newspaper's coverage of the lead-up to the first Indianapolis 500 on May 30. Tower had a fairly uneventful race, finishing 24th and still running at the finish in his Jackson entry. Jagersberger was much more a factor in the contest, although not for reasons he would have chosen. On lap 87 his Case broke a steering knuckle in front of the grandstands. Riding mechanic C.L. (Charlie) Anderson spilled out onto the brick running surface which caused Westcott driver Harry Knight to swerve out of control and into the Apperson of Herb Lytle, whose car was being serviced in his pit. The Westcott also struck and severely damaged Caleb Bragg's privatley owned Fiat, which was also in the pits. This incident is blamed as at least part of the reason for the scoring confusion that also factored into the race as inexperienced officials were distracted from tracking cars and drawn to the melee.

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