John A. Sink

This image of Indianapolis resident and motorcycle rider John Sink was originally published in the August 4, 1909 Indianapolis Star. The caption reports that Sink had entered all the amateur events for the August 1909 motorcycle race meet at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The race meet was the first motorized race competition at the Speedway which had only recently finished construction at the time the photo appeared. The reality is that the track surface proved unworthy of the races and more construction would be required through the autumn months to pave the course with 3.2 million bricks.
The caption originally published with the image reads as follows:
"John A. Sink has entered all the amateur races to be held at the motor Speedway next week during the national motorcycle convention. He will ride his seven-horsepower N.S.U. machine, on which he has often demonstrated his skill as a swift rider. This local contestant in the speed trials bids well to gain laurels. He made a creditable showing during the Decoration Day races, making thirty-one miles over bad roads in 98 1/2 minutes."

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