Last Fairmount Winner: Erwin Bergdoll

Chuck Rudy Jr. supplied the information for this report. Sam Myers was the original photographer and the images were supplied by photographer Mikel Yeakle.
It appears everyone likes a winner. The last winner of the Fairmount Park Motor Race in Philadelphia in 1911, Erwin Bergdoll is seen surrounded by admirers while still at the wheel of his winning Benz. The Bergdoll family was prominent in Philadelphia with a fortune made in brewing. They later began production of automobiles. The family name met controversy when Erwin and brother Grover evaded the draft during World War I. The family was of German heritage and were at best conflicted about joining an attack on their Fatherland. The boys, raised by a coddling mother were seen by the general public as irresponsible, entitlement-minded adults born into great wealth. 
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