Marmon Ad - New Orleans 1909

This Nordyke & Marmon Company ad appeared in the November 23, 1909 Indianapolis Star. The ad touts their product's recent success at the New Orleans race meet as well as several other events. Note that the address of their Indianapolis sales branch is listed as the corner of Meridian and New York Streets and the factory was at Kentucky Avenue and Morris Street. A specific model is not mentioned but my best guess is that consumers were shown the "Model 32."
Such car company advertisements of the era are quite useful reference as they provide quick summaries of the results of race meets. An example is National Motor Vehicle Company who ran ads in the same time frame promoting their success at Atlanta and a series of hill climbs. In this ad the reliabilty - a huge selling point for cars of the era - is stressed by highlighting victories in longer duration contests. In this case victories in races of 100, 50 and 20 miles at New Orleans are featured. Ray Harroun, who would win the first Indianapolis 500 in 1911 was the winner in all these races.
In addition to New Orleans, Marmon's success at other major races throughout the year are noted. This included the first-ever auto races held at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, at the Vanderbilt Cup and at Atlanta Speedway. The reference to the Vanderbilt Cup is almost certainly the Wheatley Hills Trophy where Ray Harroun won handily in a Marmon.

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