More on Murphy

This is another great perspective piece from artist David Story. This outstanding sketch captures an image of 1922 Indianapolis 500 winner Jimmy Murphy's Duesenberg racer. Murphy drove as part of the works Duesenberg team onslaught to win the 1921 French Grand Prix. He was successful in that effort and soon purchased the car but chose to swap out the Duesenberg engine for a new powerplant from Harry Miller, who was just establishing himself as a car builder and a force in American championship racing.
Murphy was a protege of Tommy Milton, who had established himself as a top-tier driver in the teens. Milton became the first two-time winner of the Indianapolis 500 in 1921 and '23. Their relationship was a storied rollercoaster affair as Milton reportedly felt betrayed when Murphy used the land speed record car Tommy had developed to establish a new world record without his permission. That's one version of the story although other reports seem to make it less cut and dried. 

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