Mr. & Mrs. Lewis Strang

This image is from the Indianapolis Star's coverage of the first automobile race meet at the new Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The publication date was August 21, 1909, and the events were conducted the previous day.
The feature race of the day was the G&J Trophy dominated by Buick's star driver Lewis Strang. The press "ate up" the opportunity to capture Strang and his wife embracing for a romantic hero's welcome after his big win. His wife, the stunningly gorgeous Kentuckian actress Jeanne L. Spaulding (stage name Louise Alexander) laid a big kiss on her oil-coated husband's lips in an unabashed public display of affection.
The two were celebrity gossip fodder. Their marriage was tumultuous and brief as neither cared for their partner's career. His was too dangerous and hers - beautiful as she was - frequently placed her in the arms of other men. They were destined to be finished with one another by 1910, but for this intense moment, they produced a delicious image for consumers of newsprint.

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