Mrs. English & the Floral Parade

This image originallly appeared in the March 25, 1910 Indianapolis Star. It concerns the nomination of the chair of that year's Indianapolis Auto Show's panel of judges for the associated floral parade, Mrs. William E. English. Note that joining her on the panel was the widow of former United States President Benjamin Harrison. This was Mary Dimmick Harrison who was the president's second - and much younger - wife. She never served as the nation's First Lady and is not to be confused with Caroline Harrison who did.
Other members of the panel were Mrs. Thomas Marshall, Mrs. Meredith Nicholson and Mrs. John W. Kern. Mrs. Marshall was the wife of Thomas Marshall who was the sitting governor of Indiana at the time and Mrs. Kern's husband John would become a U.S. Senator from Indiana the following year. Nicholson's husband was a best-selling author. Curiously, the accomplishments of their husbands were not mentioned although it is safe to say most readers of the time were well aware of who they were.
The photo of Mrs. English ran in an association with an article that can be found eleswhere on First Super Speedway.

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